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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs speech and language therapy?
We work with toddlers, children, youth, and adults to develop their speech, language, and voice.
Around 1 in 10 Canadian children need extra help to develop their communication skills (reference: Speech-Language & Audiology Canada).

This means we work with many toddlers, children and youth to help them start talking, speak clearly, reduce stuttering, improve fluency, become a confident reader, and communicate thoughts and ideas.

We also work with adults on areas such as vocal trauma experienced by teachers, or to help regain the ability to speak after a stroke.

The evidence shows that early intervention of speech and language therapy results in improved outcomes and confidence for life.
How does speech and language therapy work?
All of Bodo's care is provided through our online clinic. This means we are able to reach you wherever your mobile phone, tablet, or computer is.

For speech and language therapy to be most effective it requires:

1. An accurate diagnosis.

2. A step-wise treatment plan with one-on-one therapy by a speech-language pathologist.

3. Self-directed exercises for home practice.

Our speech-language pathologists can work with you at each step along the way to develop a personalized care plan suited to your preferences.
Do I need speech and language therapy?
Many patients are unsure if they require formal speech and language therapy, or if self-guided resources and time will resolve their issues.

We find it is best to schedule a short screening call to understand more about your concerns.

Bodo can provide self-guided materials if that is the best route for you at this time.

Our registered speech-language pathologists also provide formal speech and language assessments and one-on-one therapy to those patients who require it.
How much does Bodo Health cost?
It is completely free 👍 to join Bodo Health and to access the self-guided resources.

Bodo's services that involve speech-language pathologists are covered through many private health insurance plans.

The amount paid out-of-pocket depends on the complexity of care required minus the insurance available to offset these costs.

Bodo offers direct billing to many of Canada's private health insurance plans. This means no paperwork for you. We verify insurance coverage pre-approvals beforehand so there is never a surprise bill.

Our rates are competitive with the recommended guidelines. The amount paid out-of-pocket is somewhere between $0 and $300 per session.

There are no hidden costs. We will tell you well ahead of time what the cost to pay out-of-pocket will be. You can pause or cancel your services with us at any time. We offer a 100% no-hassle refund policy.
What is Bodo Health?
Bodo Health is a Canadian 🇨🇦 healthcare company with a focus on speech, language, and voice.

Allow us to prove to you that we can provide the very best healthcare in the country.

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